【BON voyage 】 the press release is available in English | 大樹園
【BON voyage 】 the press release is available in English


Bonsai NFT, the press release for “BON voyage” is available in English!

It may take some time, but we will continue to make every effort to ensure that you can enjoy your bonsai regardless of national borders.

The articles are as follows


【Challenge of a Long-established Bonsai Garden in Okazaki, Founded in 1934】
BON voyage, a bonsai x NFT marketplace, is now available worldwide. December 14, 2023

Buy the ownership of a bonsai as an NFT and leave the management to a professional bonsai master. The NFT Marketplace will reproduce the culture of ” Deposit Bonsai”, where the owner and bonsai master work together to create an impressive tree.

【Press Release】

Daijuen, established in 1934 and known for its black pine trees (located in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture), launched “Bon voyage,” a marketplace specializing in bonsai x NFT, in December 2023.

As a first step, the company has begun selling NFT bonsai ownership rights for 12 pots. The NFT marketplace “BON voyage” was created by crossing the ancient culture of ” Deposit Bonsai” in the bonsai world with NFT. Bonsai master manages the purchased bonsai, so those who have never touched bonsai before or those who are overseas can enjoy buying, selling, and appreciating bonsai with peace of mind.


We will develop a new market while continuing to protect famous Japanese trees. The world realized by “BON voyage” is connected to the desire to protect the Japanese master trees, bonsai masters, and the bonsai industry, which have been handed down from our predecessors.


BON voyage” Bonsai NFT Marketplace


“Bon voyage” was launched to overcome this situation.

In the bonsai industry, there has been a culture of “Deposit Bonsai” since ancient times.

The owner entrusts the management and cultivation of a bonsai that has the potential to become a great tree to a trusted bonsai master, and enjoys visiting the bonsai from time to time. When the bonsai is cultivated properly, it is displayed in an exhibition under the owner’s name and receives a prize, thereby enhancing its prestige. This is the culture of Depost Bonsai.

Daijuen has a long history of producing many fine trees through relationships with these owners.


Owner’s Right NFT is a cross between this system and NFT.


The advantage of Deposit Bonsai is that the actual bonsai can be managed in an optimal environment in Japan.
Accurate recording of information and easy transactions are the advantages of NFT. Bonsai and NFT go surprisingly well together, and this has created a system that allows even inexperienced bonsai growers and people from overseas to easily purchase first-class bonsai.


Developing a new market while preserving Japan’s famous trees. The world realized by “BON voyage” is connected with the desire to protect the Japanese master trees, bonsai masters, and the bonsai industry inherited from our predecessors.


Purchase of ownership of a real bonsai, NFT as certificate of ownership

Bonsai is a culture created by the owner and the bonsai master, and at BON voyage, the bonsai master manages the cultivation of the bonsai in a centralized manner, providing daily water management and seasonal care to maintain the asset value of the owned bonsai.


The daily changes of the bonsai can be viewed in a web album that is updated every season. In addition, if you have achieved an excellent result, you can exhibit your bonsai at an exhibition. A record of exhibits and awards will also be kept as a “value”.


Enjoyment like this!

In addition to the ownership of the bonsai, the owner of a Bonsai NFT is entitled to various benefits and services.

For example, you can create a 3D model of your bonsai and sell it as an NFT for commercial use.
It is also possible to exhibit your bonsai at exhibitions, compete for awards, or decorate your own bonsai for your own important anniversaries or events.


We also offer activities that allow owners to visit the bonsai garden even if they are far away or overseas, such as explaining and caring for the bonsai. It would also be a wonderful experience to spend time with us decorating the bonsai during a dinner or at the hotel where you are staying.


Vision of BON voyage

■ Accumulation of Big Data
We believe that the collection of retail bonsai transaction data and historical information on individual bonsai will be significant when the data is accumulated over 5 or 10 years. It will be a standard of value that is easy for everyone to understand, and will help to promote bonsai NFT and protect property values.


■Bonsai gardens around the world can manage ownership NFT
We plan to update the service by around 2025 so that bonsai dealers around the world can participate in the service, provided they can comply with the management rules set by BON voyage.

Through BON voyage, we will realize a future where everyone can easily collect bonsai from around the world and enjoy the pleasure of growing bonsai from around the world together.


■Co-ownership of high-quality bonsai
We are also considering creating an environment where bonsai ownership rights are shared and owned jointly by several people. This will make it easier to purchase high-quality bonsai.


■Make it a marketplace that handles various BONSAI x NFT
Bonsai x NFT is only the first stage. We will continue to flexibly incorporate various BONSAI x NFT contents and develop it into a marketplace that people from different backgrounds can enjoy with a high degree of freedom.
We are also planning a large-scale real event next year. We would like to convert the content generated by these events to NFT, provide a mechanism for mutual enjoyment of real and digital content, and sell related goods.


Commentary by Takuya Suzuki, 4th generation Daijuen


I am afraid that a good bonsai will wither and die.
I don’t understand the difference in value.
We have often heard these comments from people who have not been bonsai growers for a long time.


Since then, I have felt that blockchain technology is a good match for bonsai. I felt that it had the potential to remove uncertainty and create an environment that would attract a new customer base.


However, at that time, we did not have a development environment or funding.
When NFT began to spread rapidly in Japan around the second half of 2020, I remember gathering information with a passion, thinking that there was finally a way to realize my vision.


After that, we went through a series of twists and turns until we finally launched the product. Now we are finally at the starting line. There is no precedent in terms of bonsai or NFT, and the difficulties of operating the system will continue. It will take a few more years for it to spread and become commonplace.


However, we have been fortunate to have a number of people who have supported us. With your support, we will continue to realize a future in which more and more people become interested in and enjoy bonsai. And I hope that we can play a role in passing on the culture and tradition of bonsai and its famous trees to future generations.

【Interview】(Available in Japanese )


【About Daijuen】

“Daijuen” is one of the most prestigious black pine bonsai growers in Japan. Since its establishment in 1934, the company has produced many famous trees such as “Fudo” (Black Pine) and “Souryu” (Tosho Pine), and has received high acclaim at the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition and Sakufu Exhibition.

At the same time, the company has trained many students and is now one of the largest bonsai schools in the industry, with 22 members still active in the field.


For generations, they have served on the board of directors of bonsai cooperatives and bonsai associations and have been involved in their management.


They have also lent their skills to some of Japan’s most iconic locations, including the care of the bonsai at the Imperial Palace.


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