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Regarding the sale of Bonsa Pot Artist, Gyozan Nakano’s works


We are closing our web store “Gyozan Nakano Pot Store” where we have been selling Mr. Gyozan’s bonsai pots.

(The old URL is already closed: )




You may be wondering if something has happened to us, but nothing has happened 😉

Although the web store will be closed, we will continue to sell Mr. Gyozan’s bonsai pots at Daijuen.

Bonsai pots are originally one-of-a-kind.


We have decided to change the way we sell his bonsai pots so that we can help you find the bonsai pot of your dreams.


[How to sell bonsai pots from now on]

1. We will listen to your requests regarding the size and atmosphere of the bonsai pot you wish to purchase.


2. Daijuen will consult with Mr. Gyozan to find a bonsai pot that meets or closely resembles your request.

We can also ask you about the species of trees you would like to plant and suggest other species that would be suitable for you.


3. Once you are satisfied with the specifications and price, payment and shipping will be made.


We would like to hear a lot about your ideas, as we will deal with each customer on an individual basis.



Via the following e-mail or DM on each social networking service.

Instagram @daijuen96




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